brainfarts & revelations

We have a phrase in my family for when you're trying to think of a word and it just seems to elude you, or when you just do something really obviously dumb. As poetic as it may be…this is a brainfart. (And yes, I can't even type that without childishly grinning – so mature.) I'm not sure where this phrase came from—may I have the Latin root?—but for a long time, I thought my mom created it. Regardless, I think it's a pretty accurate description of what is happening…compared to literal farts, I mean. Think about it…no one really wants either to happen in public and when they do, you try to play it off like it wasn't you. "Um…you know that thing…uhhh…yeah, you know what I mean" AKA "He who smelt it, dealt it!" (another of my family's more eloquent turns of phrase) The point is, I have no point, I just think brainfart is a really funny word and I've decided it falls on the positive side of the growing Things-My-Mother-Says-That-I-May-Someday-Repeat list. Congrats brainfart, gold stars to you!

Plus, I found this humorous list of top brainfarts I thought I'd share…I agree with quite a few, though I cannot believe they left off "Late for work because you needed coffee, leave mug on the roof of your car and drive off." That one has gotten my mom quite a few times.

I also had two major revelations this week. I'm talking recovering-from-clear-the-room-sized-brainfarts here people:

One: I was eating Chick-fil-A yesterday and staring at the bag wondering why the "F" isn't capitalized…sad letter F. Then I had the following internally conversation: "Chick-fil-A…weird name. Wonder why it's all hyphenated and stuff, I mean, what's a Fil-A anyways. Hmmm…Chick—FIL—A, Chick-Fila, Chicken-Fila, Chicken Filet…Oh my gosh, filet, like a piece of chicken. Woah!" 

Two: While recently thinking about smoking fireplaces (the holidays coming so soon and all), I naturally started contemplating the beauties of having Floo Powder in real life. Then about how Floo Powder is such a weird name…Floo. What does floo have to do with anything?………And there it was…floo…as in a fireplace floo that you open…as in I. Am. So. Dumb.

Oh, also, I once had a friend who was baffled to learn that you didn't need "special batter" for cupcakes. The fact that it is exactly the same cake, just in a cup, was unfathomable to him. At least I knew that one!

This post isn't going to inspire anyone to greatness, but occasionally I really enjoy a cheap laugh over the f-word (fart, not the other one). So, does your brain occasionally cut-the-cheese leaving you feeling like you wasted thousands on a college education? Please share!

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  1. I have definitely used the word "brainfart" many times over the past years. :) I don't think your mom coined the term, but it isn't something you'll find in the dictionary, that's for sure.

    (I never thought about the "chick-filet" thing either...)

    I also believe it'd be incredibly wonderful and useful to be able to use Floo Powder. :)


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