a super splendid saturday

productivity and new shoes...what more could you ask for in a saturday? and it all started with Cary Grant in bed. well...me watching him in The Bishop's Wife while I was in bed, but hey, still...not a bad way to wake up (truthfully, my mom and I both gush over Cary like 14-year-old Bieber fans).

moving on......

i'm not a "shopper". i do not enjoy browsing for hours just to look at cute stuff. i'm 100% the make-a-list-and-stick-to-it-er. however...on very rare occasion...i spend a day getting several new things i need, which naturally makes me feel like carrie bradshaw laden with 5th avenue finds...except less stylish, less coordinated, and with clearance rack purchases. thus, i present today's great finds:

  • new everyday shoes...yay for definitely-not-knockoff-birkenstock clogs!
  • a slightly impulsive pair of new low-cut boots (very cute and conveniently short as my gigantic calves don't cooperate with regular knee-high boots...thanks, powerlifter dad)
  • a new purse
  • a wallet (i'm 24...it was time to lose the velcro wallet, plus...40% off, holla!)
  • new scarf (bought with an almost-out-of-date gift card)
  • two Christmas presents (i usually have all my holiday shopping done and wrapped by the first week of Dec...i know...i'm ridiculous)
  • a discount bag of chai...mmmm

PLUS, i also got to have lunch with my two awesome friends stephen and alex and then play board games at their sweet new house. THEN later have a fancy dinner with my mom and my korean little sis  (yay restaurant gift cards). now i'm doing laundry and spending time with "my sweetie" as my mom says. I also got to catch up with my super cool little sis living out in Seattle (she's rad like that).

so all in all, i'm feelin real snazzy today. saturdays are a good time for snazziness.

i also spent some time at Lifeway weighing choices for a new Bible (which is being added to my Christmas list as I was painfully unaware of the cost of a good Bible). i'd like to move from my current setup to something with a more study/historically contextual/language study based version. i was trying to decide between Holman Christian Standard Study Bible and the Life Application Study Bible. Anyone have experience with either or recommendations?

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