my first Cara Box!

Today I get to share with you the coolest bloggy thing I've done yet...been a part of the Cara Box Swap! Graciously coordinated by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals, monthly Cara Boxes partner bloggers together as a means to make friends are share/receive fun, themed gifts. The theme for this month's box was childhood and since my partner and I are relatively the same age, it was super fun to email back and forth about all our favorite memories as 90s kids.

I was partnered with Olivia from Oh and Jay. Let me just say, this young woman is just so sweet. In school, working, and planning her wedding, it's amazing she has time to participate in the swap, but I was so glad she did!

I had such an awesome time trying to find cool stuff to fill her box and I waited with bloggy jitters for mine to come in the mail. When it finally arrived, I got even more excited just looking at the box - can you blame me?!
I almost ripped it open (just like a little kid, so considering the theme I was definitely in-bounds)! Each item I pulled out just got better. So here's my fun gift run-down:
  1. Snowman Sugar Cookie Mix - not only do I love to bake, but what kid doesn't love hot cookies!
  2. Christmas Stickers (which I'm totally saving for fun giftwrap)
  3. Pink  sugar sprinkles - for the cookies, duh (to use a 90s phrase)
  4. A silly Santa-shaped soap 
  5. A women's daily inspiration book - tons of cools quotes and verses!
  6. Junior Mints - my fav candy. i totally rationed them ate them with childish enthusiasm
  7. A very sweet card that's up on my fridge
  8. The ultimate 90s gift...a Lisa Frank bath set, complete with technicolor animals and a variety of berry scents (a huge throwback to my trapper-keeper...i was wicked cool in middle school, ask anyone)
So yeah, if you want to meet awesome people and get cool loot...click here to learn more about Cara Boxes and join in on the fun! And thanks again, Olivia!

Check out Olivia's blog over the next couple days to see what I sent her!

Cara Box


  1. LISA FRANK! That is the ultimate coolest! Brings me back to my childhood just looking at it! How awesome!

  2. Aw! I love all the hearts on the package. So cute! Junior Mints are where it's at! :) Wasn't this fun?!

    1. So glad you agree about JM! And yes, Kaitlyn is awesome for organizing all this!

  3. I looked everywhere for Lisa Frank stuff!! Wonder where she found that!! What a fun box. :) That quote books looks like a good time too. Then again, I'm a total quotes nerd. hhaha New follower from the swap.


  4. AHHH!!! Lisa Frank! That stuff was the bomb. I'm totally going to have to find that Lisa Frank bath set...for myself...at age twenty-one...

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed everything I sent you, Sarah!! That makes me so happy! There are actually A LOT of Lisa Frank items at Walmart and Dollar Tree!


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