let the planning commence

Wow! Planning a wedding has so many moving pieces I never imagined before...and we're at the very beginning. 

I promise I won't just be posting about the wedding details in the months to come (got to keep some stuff a surprise for the guests!), but let me say...pinterest is awesome. And though I've been submitting job applications every day and hoping for something to turn up, I am enjoying looking through pages of wedding ideas in the meantime.

The major perk to all this craziness? --- It's super fun and ends with you marrying the person you love!!


the night I said yes!

So here's the full story of the best night ever...the night my best friend asked to spend the rest of our lives together!

There are a few things to know before we actually get to that night. First, in 7th grade my mom gave me a promise ring...a symbol of my promise to hold my heart for my future husband and I've worn that ring on my right hand for the last 13 years--a literal placeholder for my future. Secondly, Strider and I started working through a pre-engagement counseling sheet (provided by a dear friend pastor at our church) about a year ago...however, we never answered the last question and Strider has said for months that he wanted to wait for the right moment to finish the sheet. 

Okay, now for the good stuff!
After going to see a movie with a mutual friend Saturday night, Strider and I were sitting in the car in the theater parking lot discussing our post-movie plans. I thought we were going to dinner, but he was rambling and frustrated about how the rain was messing up his plans. Not knowing why he was upset, I said, "Who cares...let's do your plans anyway, whatever they are, and we'll just get wet." He smiled and asked me if I remembered the pier where we went on our second date to watch a meteor shower. Naturally I did and he suggested we go there again. Of course, I was immediately suspicious - I mean, who goes to a pier at night in the rain for no reason? My heart started racing as I gave him directions and we drove across town. He was unusually quiet and awkward in the car, which of course make me get all weird and start making dumb jokes.

Finally, we arrived at the spot, parked the car, snuck under the "No Trespassing After Dark" sign and walked out to the water. Despite the drizzle and serenading by nearby frogs, we stood on the creaky wooden dock and looked out across the lake. We smiled and talked idly for a few minutes before he took a deep breath and said, "So I think this is a good time for us to finish our question sheet." I agreed and he pulled a well creased piece of paper out of his back pocket. As the rain started smudging the type, he read the last set of questions aloud and we answered them. Questions about communication, cooperating, and loyalty in marriage. We stood there in silence for a few seconds that felt like a lifetime before he said, "Well...I do have one other question for you." 

I couldn't breathe as he went down on one knee, pulled a small ring box from his back pocket, and said, "Sarah S----, will you marry me?" Though I barely remember this, I apparently clasped my hands to my face and said, "Really?!" He laughed and nodded and I cried, "Of course!" while hugging him and laughing. I put on the ring (totally gorgeous!) and we spent a few minutes just hugging and smiling, both barely believing it was real. Then, with his arms around me, I asked him to pray over us. He did, thanking God for me and for us, for our time together so far, and for us getting to spend the rest of our lives together. We both began to cry and laugh. 

Then I took my promise ring out of my pocket (where I put it when I put on the real ring) and said, "Well, guess I won't be needing this anymore!" He stared at me and said, "What are you gonna do, throw it in the lake?" A short toss, a moment of silence, and a little "plunk" into the water and we both started laughing. "I guess we can head home now?" I asked and he agreed. Then it dawned on me..."They're all waiting for us at the house, aren't they?" And he smiled and nodded.

Back in the car, he played this special song "just for me" that he had been apparently waiting to do so for a year. We drove to my mom's house smiling the whole way and spent the next hour with my family, calling his mom, texting friends, and looking at my gorgeous ring. A sparkling cider toast and lots of smiles later, I kissed my fiance(!!) good night and went home to barely sleep all night.

It was a simple and perfect night and a wonderful beginning to our life. I am so so excited! 
Thanks for letting me share this incredible memory with you.


the future mrs b!

That's right...this past Saturday...May 11, 2013...
Strider proposed and

Full story to come soon. So excited!


woah - woah

As you can see, my last post was way back in February, and boy have I learned a lot since then. I hope to be getting back to regular posting and recognize that in the blogging world, 4 months of silence is enough to kill many blogs. However, I still enjoy this little bit of space and reading things other bloggers have to say, so don't give up on A Song for the Birds just yet! :)

Instead of a long update post, here's some quick events/lessons learned of my recent life:

  • It's very easy to over-commit...especially if you're a perfectionist and there is an Easter production at your church.
  • My sister moved back home in March and us living together is still aww-sommee!!
  • Though I love kids, a major lesson learned is that no matter how fun, I cannot physically or emotionally handle an 11-hr a day job. And God isn't disappointed when us humans have to call it quits sometimes.
  • STRIDER GRADUATED! I cried. Could I love that guy any more? Gah!
  • My sis' boyfriend is visiting and with Strider still in town, we're having a blast getting to know him (her bf...not Strider). 

So that's basically it. I've thought of lots of great post ideas over the past few months, but I had zero time to actually post anything, let alone do any of the fun homemade projects/baking that I enjoy. But...all that is changed now!

All in all...Strider and I are just chilling now, both looking for jobs, and trusting God to provide.
Thanks for hanging in there and I hope you keep coming back for more fun posts soon! 
(and pie....great recipes to share soon)