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As you can see, my last post was way back in February, and boy have I learned a lot since then. I hope to be getting back to regular posting and recognize that in the blogging world, 4 months of silence is enough to kill many blogs. However, I still enjoy this little bit of space and reading things other bloggers have to say, so don't give up on A Song for the Birds just yet! :)

Instead of a long update post, here's some quick events/lessons learned of my recent life:

  • It's very easy to over-commit...especially if you're a perfectionist and there is an Easter production at your church.
  • My sister moved back home in March and us living together is still aww-sommee!!
  • Though I love kids, a major lesson learned is that no matter how fun, I cannot physically or emotionally handle an 11-hr a day job. And God isn't disappointed when us humans have to call it quits sometimes.
  • STRIDER GRADUATED! I cried. Could I love that guy any more? Gah!
  • My sis' boyfriend is visiting and with Strider still in town, we're having a blast getting to know him (her bf...not Strider). 

So that's basically it. I've thought of lots of great post ideas over the past few months, but I had zero time to actually post anything, let alone do any of the fun homemade projects/baking that I enjoy. But...all that is changed now!

All in all...Strider and I are just chilling now, both looking for jobs, and trusting God to provide.
Thanks for hanging in there and I hope you keep coming back for more fun posts soon! 
(and pie....great recipes to share soon)

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  1. Oh no! I didn't realize you had quit the nanny gig. I'm sorry! Is Strider still looking to go to graduate school? Maybe you can find a job whereever he winds up...and glad to see you back on here! Let's pretty please get together soon! Hugs!


Thanks so much for your comment! I really love reading them and look forward to hearing what you have to say!