thoughts on joy

I have this refrigerator magnet about peace. It was a gift from my (amazing) mom during a particularly stressful time in my life a couple years ago and ever since I put it up, I read it and try to remind myself of the truth in its words.

But like patience or love or forgiveness, having peace is an easy one to practice when the going is good. And despite my general gloominess this week and certain recurring stressors, when I’m honest with myself (like metaphorically standing in front of a full-length mirror naked honest), things in my life are pretty darn awesome right now. So why such a poopy pants then, huh sarah? I know, I know.

I do benefit from reading my tiny magnet, but right now, I want to focus on joy. Not the just-got-some-flowers-at-work or discovered-a-cool-new-band or yay-the-Eagles-finally-won-a-game kind of happy. I’m talking about the God-is-so-good! kind of joy! The kind of joy where you know if you could actually see your soul outside your body, it would be smiling and the two of you could have a dance party together (laws of metaphysics aside). The joy of really knowing that you are immensely loved by an immeasurable God. Then, like in a Claritin allergy commercial, suddenly all the extraordinary blessings around you are crystal clear—the haze is lifted. That is the joy I'm embracing today.

I fully recognize that it would be exhausting to be that joyful all the time. And that like all good things (except mint Oreos), there is something even better the rarity of these moments. But for today, I’m enjoying it—haha, get it? (excuse the terrible pun)

So before you return to your regularly scheduled programming (whatever that may be). Call a “Stop! Hammertime” on your day and take a few moments to have a dance party with God, just because of joy. I mean it…really dance, alone in your room, just feeling joy down to your fingertips. If you need a little inspiration, I’d strongly suggest this totally rockin’ tune…I'm dancin!

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  1. Beautiful thoughts...and just at the right time!!!


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