"a few of my fav-o-rite things"

Whether it's her boyish haircut or her enthusiasm for Austrian landscapes, I'm feeling inspired by Julie today. So I'm running to the proverbial hills (aka blogland) to share some of my own favorite things. Unfortunately, they don't really go to a snazzy tune like hers do (I tried and failed), but it's a fun list anyways:

Cold sheets & ceiling fans
Finding awesome new blogs/blogger friends
Not setting an alarm clock (aka the week-end! whoo!)
Driving with the windows down
How silky pj pants feel when you finally get around to shaving your legs
Wrapping up in a squishy quilt
The sound york peppermint patties make when you break off a piece
The autumn-y smell of dead leaves and wet earth
British television (my favs: Doctor Who, As Time Goes By, and Downton Abbey)
Giving presents & getting mail—like sending out my Cara Box today!
Really hot spiced chai on a cold, windy day
Nice blog comments and new followers…(hint, hint)
Christmas music (though I am trying to hold off till after Thanksgiving)
Building at-home-assembled furniture (I could seriously work for IKEA, yall)

Oh, and this cat gif (totally cracks me up!

Your turn…what are some of your favorite things? I'd love to hear!


  1. Definitely go ahead and start listening to Christmas music. All the cool kids are doin' it. At least, I'm doing it :)
    Also, I have a pretty notebook that I found at Target that I've turned into a huge list of everything I love. It's not very full yet - say, six pages? (that's not a lot when you have a whole notebook to go through) But it's still fun.

    1. I'd like to but I'm trying to give Thanksgiving it's due course! (plus, Strider says no) :)

  2. Ok... I'm a little creeped out. Why? Because literally every single thing on your list would be on my favorites list, too! Throw in the "Sound of Music" reference and the use of the word "proverbial," and I think I just found my bloggy twin haha.

    If you like spiced chai, I recommend trying Trader Joe's spiced chai. It is SUPER yummy! Also, let your Christmas freak flag fly... I did. I've been listening to Christmas music and even putting up a couple decorations for the past two days. It feels so good to give in and just celebrate the holiday cheer!

    1. don't be creeped...i'm just glad you agree and that you took the time to comment. i've really enjoyed reading your blog lately and it makes me super smiley to know that i have a bloggy twin :D

      i'll definitely be trying it! i just get frustrated that I can't do properly frothed foam for chai at home. And like I told Scout, I'm trying to hold off on the Christmas celebrating till after Thanksgiving. It's super hard, but I want to really take time to meditate on all the things I have to be thankful for ya know?

      thanks for reading!


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