thinking of thanks

Well, the Thanksgiving "break" (or whatever you call it when you aren't in school anymore and PTO days are the closest you get) has officially started! so here's a fun little graphic I made just for the occasion:
Also, instead of bombarding you with 22 repeated days of things I'm thankful for, here are my top 10 at the moment:
  • My little sister coming home for Christmas in just 31 days!!!
  • Strider getting to spend some much-needed time at home for Thanksgiving break
  • My mom…just everything…and what an amazing listener and friend she is to me (we're B.F.F.s fo-real)
  • My church and choir—the community I've found there has hugely impacted the last year of my life
  • Homemade desserts (for tomorrow, I'm contributing a Walnut Spice Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting…details to come!)
  • Laughter…I mean, who doesn't love a really good laugh?!
  • A comfortable bed. I recognize that I am blessed to have this luxury and I'll be very grateful to spend some time enjoying it this weekend.
  • My new blogger friends – I've only been at this a short time but I have been so encouraged and joyed at the people I've started to meet.
  • For family…of all kinds, shapes, and sizes…and for the fellowship and togetherness of the holidays.
  • For the debt Christ paid on my behalf, the unending blessings He gives me, and for grace (to read some really powerful thoughts on true thankfulness, check out this phenomenal post by Jean Caroline)

I have so so many other things to be thankful for that I'm going to pause from blogging (and maybe even from eating) and try to take time this weekend to just bask in authentic gratitude. And thank you for reading!

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