1,128 days

1,128 days ago, I met the man who would change everything.
And 1,096 days ago, we started dating. That's right, 3 years and one leap day, today.
I've already shared the story of how we met and about his nickname, but this is the mushy post where I tell you how much I love him and how much the last 3 years have meant to me.

When I was younger my "dream guy" list went something like this: super tall, big and muscle-y, cool beard, doesn't watch sports too much, sense of humor, and super popular. Frankly, other than a great sense of humor, Strider is almost none of those (though he is a pretty popular guy). 

And let me tell you, when we first met, neither of us thought it was going anywhere. I was weeks away from signing my final contract with the Peace Corps and headed to Africa for 2 years to teach English. He, well...he was a freshman...I was a senior. He was cute, but kinda goofy and didn't quite "fit the bill" for what I had in mind. Coming off a rocky high school breakup, he wanted nothing to do with dating at all. All I can say is that it's a good thing God doesn't make His plans based on ours. During our first date, Strider even admitted later that he thought, "Crap, I really like this girl." But somehow over chai, Harry Potter, lots of laughing, and one really awesome fort, it happened. 

So, to you, my Strider: You challenge me to be better every day and you love me in a way I felt I would never deserve, which both humbles me and blesses me daily. As I wrote in your card (which you'll be receiving later this evening), some people say their life "didn't begin" till they met their match, but that just isn't true. I lived a lot of years of joy and heartache alike before I met you. The last 3 years have been the happiest of my life, and even though my life began well before we met, I also know that I can't imagine my future without you. You're silly and imperfect and wonderful in so many ways, and I love you!

And to others waiting for that "right" person: Keep waiting! Don't ever feel like you don't deserve a love beyond your imagining. Don't give up because it hasn't happened by the time you thought it would. And for goodness sakes, throw out your "perfect guy" list, because from my experience, you're probably thinking too small. I, for one, am sure glad God didn't bring my "perfect guy"--what I had imagined to be the best, would now fall so far short of what God had in store. Prepare your heart, practice love, and seek Christ first, knowing that His plan will provide.

I don't know what will come next and we certainly haven't reached our "happily ever after", but I'm glad, because I'm thrilled about all that's yet to come! Thank you for an unbelievable three years!


  1. What a sweet, wonderful letter! So endearing! Congratulations on 3 years!

  2. happy 3 years to you! i love that you made him a card. :) I like to do that too. what a cute meeting story too!


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