a week of many saturdays

Three days of pto this week?....A truly awesome choice! Yesterday felt like Saturday, today feels like Saturday, and I still have tomorrow and an actual Saturday to go. Saving up pto till the end of the year was a great decision.

Also, my fabulous sister comes home in exactly 9 days I couldn't be happier!!!

ALSO, we're seeing The Hobbit in exactly 7 hours...Strider's head is reaching near Hindenburg threat levels. No kidding, he's that excited.

I have some very cool things to share soon including my first-ever breakfast casserole, another sew-y gift I made for baby Reece, and some fun pics. However, they will all have to wait till I can get the camera memory card reader next week. I really need to remedy this camera situation soon, but thanks for bearing with me. 

And last, but certainly not least, make sure you stop by tomorrow and check out the first in my new blog series:
Favorite Blog Friend Fridays!
It's gonna be really fun and a great way to find awesome bloggers so don't miss it! (Hint: the first blogger I'm sharing has a blog whose title includes two parts of the body...sneaky hint, huh?)


  1. I LOVE your blog Sarah!!!!! It's awesome to get an up close and personal peek into your life! Let's get together soon!!!!!

    1. thanks meg! and yes to getting together for sure!!


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