work work...

Back to real life today. *sigh*

Some people at work this morning were talking about how they get bored with vacation and look forward to getting back to the routine and structure of the work day. Not me. I am 100% content to not work. Which is not to say that I like being lazy 24/7, because I certainly don't…but more so that I am content to keep myself busy at home. 

I've been working on a lot of sewing projects over the last couple weeks for my soon-to-debut niece (who appears to be arriving a bit ahead of schedule!) and I still have about a million more things I'd like to do. There always seems to be one more project, one more recipe, one more room to organize or clean, and one more person to visit. You know what I mean?

Money aside, I really think I'd really be okay without work. 

Or maybe I'll just build a time machine and go back and work on my stitching with the March girls. Clearly, it's time to stop reading Little Women.

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