favorite blog friend friday: Sam I Am

Okay, so she may not actually tout the Seuss connection I make of her blog title, but Sam over at Today I Am is definitely one of my must-read-several-times-a-week bloggers. She is encouraging and fun and I totally wish we could totally hang out in real life!

Sam is in school studying to be a teacher and her love for kids and life is so apparent in her writing. She also loves Jesus and even more than loving kids/teaching, Today I Am reflects her love for God and her joy in faith! I feel super encouraged when I get to read about her thoughts on faith or her devotionals or just plain joy at God's grace and redemption. Plus, her About Me says, "I'm convinced books are one of my love languages." How could she not be awesome, right?!

Today I Am is full of laid-back fun and simple moments of enjoying all the best things in life (great books, friends, Gilmore Girls & Downtown Abby, and coffee). Down-to-earth and just plain sweet, I love seeing what Sam is up to each week. So make sure you have a chance to be her friend too and go check out Today I Am now!

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