favorite blog friend friday: this beautiful life

This week's Favorite Blog Friend Friday is being posted on Thursday because (cross your fingers and toes here, people), the South is expected to get some mad snow tonight!!! I'm hoping for The Great Snow-In of 2013!

So…due to that and my lack of home internet, I wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on meeting Brittany from This Beautiful Life! She is so sweet and creative and I just love reading her blog.

This Beautiful Life has it all – recipes, crafts, encouraging words, and some great posts on marriage and loving your spouse. Also, you may remember when I posted about my cute-winter-branches-in-lieu-of-a-Christmas-tree……totally Brittany's idea. (She also runs some killer giveaways on occasion if that's what you're in to!) Her recent post with a recipe for Key Lime Cheesecake is definitely getting saved. Yum!
So drop by now and spend some time with Brittany. (You'll notice that she has bunting on her blog header—all the coolest kids do *wink!*) Seriously though, go check her out now…you'll be glad! I particularly appreciated her short post today about comparisons - a great reminder to focus on our blessings.

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