the.book.chat link-up

I'm linking up again this week with the lovely ladies of Sweet Green Tangerine and Dear Brighton for the.book.chat. And this week's question is: What are some of your bookish pet peeves? 

They have some great answers (which may be mirrored here too because, I mean, bookish people are all the same in certain ways). Mine are definitely as follows:
  1. Twilight. Just Twilight. (If you don't know my view on this series, it can be summed up here.)
  2. Typos in books. I get that it is going to happen, but it drives me nuts.
  3. Improper library card user—"Lost by borrower"…lost?!…lost?!?!?!…..gaaaahhh!!!!!
  4. The overused "said". This should be taken care of during editing, but we've all been forced to suffer a passage of he said, she said, he said, she said, his cousin said, their grandmother's bridge partner said. Think of a different word or just write better dialogue already.
  5. Dog-eared pages. What are we, the army of Ghengis Khan? Use a bookmark people. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a playing card, sticky note, napkin, business card of someone you know you're not going to call, handcrafted origami…whatever…just don't dog-ear. (For the record, I prefer bits of ribbon and I always try to choose ribbon that suits the personality of the book. Weird, but that's my thing.)
  6. Movie posters or references to "now a major motion picture" on book covers.
  7. Abridged versions of classics.
  8. Austen-posers. The movies are not the same, ladies.
Probably the worst one of all isn't actually in a book. For me, it's that scene in Disney's Beauty & The Beast when Gaston casually throws her book into a mud puddle. You mongrel! Who does that! I'm glad you fall off a parapet.
So anyways, you should hop over today, link up, and share what bugs you too!


  1. Hahaha loved these! There are just some things that only fellow bookish people can understand :)

    1. That's why we've got to stick together! :D

  2. "Dog-eared pages. What are we, the army of Ghengis Khan? Use a bookmark people." I'm dying. So funny!

  3. Dog eared pages drive me crazy too! I love the idea of matching ribbon to the book. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I was totally going to say Austen posers!!! People who claim to love Austen but have only seen one movie. Please.

    And I literally yelled YES at your movie cover books. That is the worst!!!!

    This is a great (and hilarious) list! Thanks for linking up! :)

    1. I agree! And thanks for hosting!

  5. When you posted this on FB I had to come over and read.

    After college I interned with a girl who was such a lovely person - loved to cook, loved to read, we got along so well. But, she would WRITE IN LIBRARY BOOKS! Underline passages, take notes, etc. All as if it was her own copy. Her reasoning? She wanted to share her thoughts on the book with future readers. Almost like it was a built in book club. It pained me to no end to see her sitting and drinking her tea, all while writing in a book that wasn't hers.

    1. Oh. my. gosh. The blasphemy!!! To that I say:

  6. I totally agree with number 6. Although I have found that it is a great way to trick teenagers into reading. I'm a language teacher and my personal mission is to make them all read. Some of them need to be tricked into it. And I have seen that it works. When they recognize the cover, they'll be more tempted to read it. So.. for the greater good. Hehe.
    Also for Abreged Classic, I must say, same thing here, they are great for foreign language learners. Sometimes, the classics are unnattainable to them and, even though it's not the same as the original I'll consent, it gives them an opportunity to be familiarized with these great works.
    As for Typos, I have seen a typo in the name of one of the characters before, and that was the worst I think! Hehe.

    Came here through Tangerine Green. :)

    1. S&S, thanks for your comments. This list really is just for things that bother me personally. Obviously, as a book lover, I am all for whatever means it takes to get kids to read. Movie-themed covers and abridged classics just won't adorn my shelves. But power to you for sharing a love of reading and learning with kids!


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