two-a-days & mad-libs

Okay so I know this is pretty unprecedented for me—I've never blogged twice in one day before, but here we go! First of all, I hope you've already checked out this week's Favorite Blog Friend Friday = Recently Roached.

Secondly, I heard something really encouraging on the radio this morning and knew I needed to share. One of the local christian DJs was talking about overhearing some advice from a pastor in their office. All he heard was "…if God can do that, then…". That's it. That's all he heard, but he said that it really made him think about things.

What a promise to be held in just a few words?!

I know someone right now who could use the encouragement this tiny statement brings (you know who you are). It really helped me approach the day feeling good about things and I think maybe it will be encouraging for you too. I mean, really think about that for a moment: if God can ______, then …….

So let's make a quick mad-lib of it. 

First, choose one of the following for the first blank:
create the universe
love each one of us individually
deliver people from slavery
bring the dead back to life
die on our behalf
heal the sick, wounded, hurting, and lame
call mountains to move and waters to part
conquer death itself

Now, pick one of the following for the second blank:
He can provide for my family
it will all be okay
I can trust in His plan
I am not alone
He will protect me
this hardship won't last forever
I matter to Him
there is joy in Him

Lastly, read your little mad-lib sentence all together and spend a moment meditating on what it really means for your life right now. Okay, so not all of them perfectly fit, but what is the real takeaway here? (Hint: no matter which scenario you pick, the truth is that He loves you and will take care of you.)

Tell me - what "if He can ____, then ____..." statement do you need to hear right now?
Admittedly, mine is "if He can bring all these blessings, then the waiting is worthwhile."

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