snow, sunshine, and silliness

Well, I've returned from a glorious 4-day weekend due to the totally rockin snowfall last Thursday. I didn't believe it, but for once, NC came through! It still wasn't quite cold enough for it to stick and really knock everything out of whack, however, I definitely could not get my car out of my apartment's unplowed parking lot Friday morning…so yay for a grown-up snow day!

I spent most of the weekend just lying around being lazy and silly with Strider (we're experts at silliness), watching movies, baking, and sewing. 

Due to an accidental early morning wakeup on Saturday (like 6:30!), I had enough time to make homemade bread for the first time in forever. I intended to take pictures and post a recipe, but I'll just leave you dreaming of the smell of warm homemade bread in the wee hours of a very cold morning. I also canned some homemade cinnamon honey butter to be given away with the bread. So fun to share homemade treats!

I also started tackling one of my newest and greatest fears…paper pieced hexagons. More on these later, but talk about time consuming and tedious work…if only they weren't so cute and fun to look at!

However…all that fun and domesticity seems to have made coming back to work even harder today. Feeling a bit of a poopy pants. Oh well…at least it isn't Monday!

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