favorite blog friend friday: Recently Roached

Today's Favorite Blog Friend Friday is an extra special lady that I know you'll love as much as I do.
It's the ever-hilarious Jena from Recently Roached!! 

I kid you not, she is so darn funny, down-to-earth, and fun. It doesn't matter what subject she's writing about, she always seems to include a witty little something about it. Love it!

Recently Roached is full of the great, everyday stuff that "all the bloggin' ladies" can relate to: marriage, DIYs, giveaways, inspiration, and general silliness. I know that whenever I'm feeling dumpy, I can get a quick pick-me-up by seeing what Jena is up to. Major plus—she is also an awesome woman of faith who is encouraging and honest.

My only complaint…why the heck does she have to live in TX? That's so far! Seriously, I want to invite her over for laughs and binging on Ben & Jerry's…and I think she'd be up for it.

So seriously, go check out Recently Roached today and get a great laugh in from one awesome blogger!

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