dear fellow bloggers,

Help! I love your cute pictures and beautiful photography, your ambitious recipes and magical ability to make food look pretty in pictures. And now that I've buttered you up, maybe you'll give me some much-needed advice.

I'm a pretty organized person. I know where everything is and I try to keep all my crazy clutter in some sort of regimented chaos. However…my craft corner is sadly lacking. I have a small desk and side table that sit in essentially a 6"x4" corner. There isn't anywhere else to move it in my apartment and as much as I'd love to install some built-in shelves, the wall is concrete and I'm only renting for another 6 months or so. THUS – I need a better system for exactly the setup I have now. (Please don't judge me for all the mess and my plastic fabric tub!):

I've seen all your posts about incredible craft room/desk makeovers so I'm asking for help. My budget is DIY and I'm at a loss for a better way to use/decorate this small space.
Please help!



  1. You could take the organizer that's on top of your desk and put it on the side on the floor to create a little shelf there. That would make your desk feel bigger and more open. Then, I'd suggest looking for a large, cheap frame or bulletin board to go above your desk. My white bulletin board in my room was up-cycled when I found it in the discard pile at church and then painted it white with some $2 acrylic craft paint! I hung it on my wall using some $4 Scotch heavy-duty velcro hangers. You could put the little table up against the wall and move the desk over, and then but the desk topper on the table if it fits. It's hard to tell from this side of the screen. :)
    I'm also a fan of mason jars (you can save glass jars and containers from drinks and sauces and stuff) and of tin cans (just take the wrapper off of empty soup or vegetable cans!) to hold pens and paint brushes, etc. You can also paint these for pretty cheap with craft paint for an added pop of color.
    And of course, there's always pinterest.
    Hope you figure out a set-up that works for you! :)

    1. Awesome ideas, Betsy! Thank you!
      I actually have a ton of vintage jars that I've been collecting for a few years but never gotten around to incorporating them into my room. We'll see what it turns in to. Right now, I feel like I'm spending so much time doing actual craft/sewing projects that I'll never get around to tidying up the space. :)


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