copycat winter branches

Methodically and with much less emotion than I anticipated, I took down my Christmas decorations last night. This is usually a sad affair that leaves me feeling nostalgic and eager for 11.5 months to pass quickly. However, I realized that this Christmas was quite unlike any others before. With my sister away and Strider busier than ever right before break, putting all those decorations up was less fun than last year…so much so, that I didn't even get a tree (gasp…I know). And admittedly, I was pretty excited to get to put out my Willow Tree nativity from last year!

Anyways…since I forgot to put it up before, here is a fun décor idea for you before all the yuletide spirit gets packed away. The inspiration came from Brittany over at This Beautiful Life and you can see her original, much prettier version here. Without further ado, here is my lack-of-a-real-tree-so-have-some-shiny-winter-branches-instead craft:
Sorry for the weird coloring...not much light in my living room at 11pm.
Basically, take an old pitcher you already have, spraypaint some random branches with paint you already have, and doll it up with extra ornaments you have left over since they were pulled out to use but have no tree to go on. And voila! A $0 craft that is cute and festive without any real effort. I like it!

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