Top to Bottom Clean: Living Room

Okay friends! In this week’s four mini-posts I’ll be looking at detail cleaning one room at a time, touching on the four major living areas: Living Room / Bedroom / Kitchen / Bathroom. 

Lots of this information overlaps between rooms, but I’ll also be including helpful tips for tackling specific items in each room. Naturally, there are plenty of speed cleaning lists online as well as much more in-depth deep cleaning lists. Feel free to simplify or extend your cleaning regimen depending on how much time and determination you have. And if haven’t yet, make sure you have all your products and tools on hand before you start!

The living room is a hugely important area to keep tidy as it's usually the most high-trafficked room in the house. Whether you have a formal living room and a den or just one all-purpose living space, the same routine applies.

As with all housekeeping, working top to bottom is essential. 
And fun music. Seriously, so importantThat being said:

- Ceiling & Walls: I’m not an advocate for wiping down walls on a routine basis—too much work. Instead, just 
  check corners for cobwebs or dust buildup.
- Ceiling fan: Hands-down, the best way I’ve found to clean ceiling fans is to commit an old pillowcase to the task.
  Slide the open end over one fan blade, pinch the edges together, then slide the case off, pulling all the dust off 
  with it. Repeat for each blade. The dust will fall tidily inside the case, which can then be turned out outside or 
  simply tossed into the wash. Easy peasy.
- Air Vents: For a quick clean, dust vent covers with microfiber cloth. To deep clean, remove covers, wash with 
  warm soapy water, air dry, and replace. (Usually an annual task.)
- Blinds & Curtains: For generic blinds, simply turn them to the “closed” position and use disposable dusters or a 
  dry microfiber towel to collect excess dust. For other styles, check manufacturer cleaning recommendations. 
  Curtains can usually just be tossed into the laundry, but check tags for cleaning suggestions just to be sure. Air dry
  and iron before re-hanging. (This is usually just a once/twice-a-year task for me.)
- Lampshades: Sticky lint rollers work wonders on most styles!
- Television: Though there are electronic-safe cleaners out there, I recommend just a dry cloth and a very light
  touch with today’s flat-screen models.
- Wall Art: Make sure to dust frames hung on the wall. Use either a duster or dry towel with a light touch. 

By now, you should have the top portion of the room finished and all dust knocked down to the lower half. 
Halfway done!

- Surfaces: Dust all surfaces (bookshelves, end tables, entertainment console, etc.) still working from top to
  bottom. Don’t shortcut yourself and just dust around items either, take the time to remove things, cleaning them if
  necessary as you do go (picture frames are notorious for dust), clean the surface, then replace items. Usually 
  a duster or dry microfiber cloth is good for everyday cleaning. For deep cleaning, consider the type of surface
  (especially wood) and make considerations if special care needs to be made.
  Note: Overwhelmed by how much there is to remove from surfaces? Consider simplifying your knick knacks.

 Gorgeous space with minimal surface clutter! (source)
- Furniture: For a quick clean, use a lint roller to go over main furniture surfaces. To deep clean, remove cushions
  and use a vacuum attachment to clean cushions and under-cushion areas. Also either spot treat or toss
  pillows/pillow covers in the wash (semi-annually). Take care for special cleaning of leather furniture.
- Floors: For quick cleaning, either vacuum or sweep/wet-mop, depending on your floor covering. For a more
  thorough clean, use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe down baseboards before doing floors. Once or twice a year,
  move furniture to clean under those pieces as well.

There you have it! A perfectly clean living space to enjoy with family and friends.
Plus, a big check off our housecleaning list!

Next Up: Bedrooms!

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