Top to Bottom Clean: Kitchen & Dining Area

Basically the same as our kitchen....haha...or not! (source)

Full disclosure, deep cleaning the kitchen can be a real hassle. However, it is really important and thankfully, much easier to manage if you stay on top of it. And if you missed the earlier posts on Living Rooms and Bedrooms, check those out for more tips too. Let’s dig in!

- Ceiling & Walls: Check corners for cobwebs and dust buildup, as well as walls for splatter.
- Ceiling fan: Reminder—use this method for quick, easy cleaning. If blades are especially grimy, consider taking 
  them off the fan entirely and scrubbing with disinfectant wipes or all-purpose cleaners.
- Light fixtures: Chandeliers and light fixtures can get pretty dusty. Use a lightly damp cloth or glass cleaner to 
  touch these up periodically.
- Windows: Kitchen windows are a wonderful thing, but don’t forget them and their treatments when deep
  cleaning. Splatter-free & sparkling glass is nice too!
- Air Vents: Be careful to keep vent covers free of grease buildup, which is easy to happen in the kitchen.
- Upper Cabinets: Don’t forget to clean up cabinet faces which can become grimy with grease, fingerprints, 
  splatter, etc. Murphy’s Oil is a good solution for wooden fixture cleaning.
- Oven Hood: Check the manufacturer’s instructions for how to clean the vent if necessary, otherwise, use 
  disinfectant wipes to remove built up grime on the top and underside of the hood.
- Fridge Top: Don’t neglect this oven-overlooked surface; dust and grime love this hard-to-reach area.
She recommends an Enviro cloth - I haven't used these but wipes seem to work just as well! (source)
- Microwave & Toaster: Whether you have a built-in or countertop model, cleaning the inside of the microwave is
  a must. Microwave a cup of water with a bit of vinegar in it until it steams up a bit. Let it sit a few minutes, remove, 
  then use a damp cloth to wipe messes away. Empty toaster crumb trays too!
- Stovetop & Drip Trays: Clear up stovetop messes well depending on your cooking surface's needs—some need
  specific cleaners, others are fine with disinfectant wipesAnd for those of us still using drip trays, use Bar Keepers
  Friend or a baking soda and vinegar solution to scrub trays till shiny and fresh. Full experiment here!
- Dishes: This is a great time to make sure all your dishes are clean and put away or loaded into the dishwasher. 
  (If you have a dishwasher, check manufacturer recommendations on deep cleaning that as well.)
- Sink: Wipe down sink walls and basin as well as faucet. To freshen drains: sprinkle with baking soda, rinse with 
  white vinegar, wait 15 minutes, then flush thoroughly with hot or boiling water. 
- Countertops & Surfaces: Personally, I love disinfectant wipes for general countertop cleaning, but an all-purpose
  cleaner works well between food prep. If you have specialty counters such as marble, cork, or bamboo, be careful
  to treat them as needed. Depending on your dining table and chairs, special treatment may be required as well. 
  Don’t forget to launder tablecloths and runners periodically too!
- Lower Cabinet Faces: Ditto for the upper surfaces. Magic Erasers are great for shoe scuffs on lower faces.
- Oven: I’ve seen a number of cleaning suggestions for ovens online but most involve harsh cleaners or ammonia,
  which I don’t love. Frankly, my best suggestion is to be careful to prevent spills in the first place. When a mess 
  does occur, use your best judgment as to whether a deep clean is needed or simply letting it soak under a hot, wet
  rag to be wiped out will do the trick.
- Fridge: Disinfectant wipes are a great tool here. Minimize spills and yuckiness by keeping the fridge nicely 
  organized to begin with. When spills do happen, spot clean them with a wipe. Consider using plastic bins or 
  baskets to contain like food items, which are easy to remove and clean. Deep cleaning the fridge annually is 
  still best to do with a secondary cooler and by just removing shelves one at a time.
  TIP: Clean under the fridge by using a tube sock over the end of a yardstick!
  TIP #2: Use an old/cheap toothbrush to detail clean fridge parts, especially the rubber door seal gaskets.

- Trash: Take out garbage and wipe down the interior/exterior of the trash can to help eliminate lingering odors.
- Floors: Finally, sweep up the floors, mop or Swiffer, shake out any rugs outside or vacuum mats if possible. 

Done and done! The kitchen often feels like the most work because it has so many areas that require cleaning while also seeming to accumulate the most grime. However, a clean, fresh kitchen is both a great inspiration for cooking and a good reinforcement for healthy food handling and storage. 

If you’re especially ambitious, super deep kitchen cleaning can also include once-a-year washing of every dish/platter as well as wiping out the cabinets as you do so. Let’s not think about that too much though!

Next Up: Bathrooms & Misc.

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