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Finished rereading one of my all-time favorites yesterday…Sense & Sensibility. It almost goes without saying that no matter how many times you read her work, Jane Austen is perpetually brilliant, witty, and insightful. And every time I finish one again, I come away with something new. (such is the mark of great literature) Her words linger and her characters become as familiar as old friends. Every time you open the cover, turn a page, and read, "The family of Dashwood had long been settled in Sussex," you know you're in for something really good. I miss that feeling with a lot of newer books. I don't know whether it's the semi-complicated language or the etiquette or the gold-leafed pages, but Austen's books always feel like they are somehow "more" than the stacks of glossy paperbacks today.

I have to confess that I love the romantic side of Austen, too. What Janeite doesn't, really? Even if Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman are a far cry from their literary counterparts. But I won't run away with my "romantic sensibilities" so-to-speak. A huge aspect of Jane's wonderful-ness is how relatable she is to time periods well beyond her own, particularly in romance. Men may not bow and don riding jackets, but here in 2012, there are plenty of Willoughby's out there choosing the cheerleader over the geek because it will hurt his reputation. An Edward today is just as likely rush in to a relationship, only to immediately regret it when she spreads the news far and wide on Facebook (Edward Ferrars, for clarification, and not the other horrid kind of-whom-we-do-not-speak). And no matter how many decades we get from Jane's day, the Marianne's never seems to fade. I'm friends with one in particular, who right now is frankly painful to be around. In this instance, I need to take a page out of Elinor's book and hold my tongue…even during this person's incessant hysterics. (Though between us, I think some Marianne's just need a good slap in the face.

Jane is timeless and brilliant and if you haven't ever convinced yourself to go out and actually read her work instead of just watching the movie…do it now. You won't regret it!

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