logical clothes for sensible, modest people

Today's post title is the name of my new designer clothing line (available March 2013). Okay…so maybe not.

Not to get all ranty, but can we talk for a moment about just how ridiculous women’s clothes are these days? I don’t even mean the outlandish runaway stuff that no one ever wears. I’m talking about normal, every day, see-it-at-work-and-on-campus attire. First of all, ladies…cover up! Maybe I’m just naiive, but I think simple, modest, and genuine are much more attractive than some other "looks". Think Audrey…not Ke$ha.

Keep in mind that, I’m 24…not exactly a senior citizen griping about ‘reckless youngins. The point is, I think clothes should make sense. If the whole point of clothing is to cover ourselves and provide warmth and protection…some currently popular trends just don’t seem to fit the bill. Major contenders in the currently ridiculous clothing corner are:
  • Asymmetrical skirts/dresses…cropped front-to-back looks like a duck tail, side-to-side looks like the designer ran out of fabric...or can't follow a sewing pattern.
  • Uggs with mini skirts…seasons are not really a “mix-n-match” kind of thing
  • Poof dresses…cute when you’re 3…not so much with heels and a beer
  • Shelf dresses…the half-tank, half-dress look. I just don’t understand and no matter what size your chest…it’s just awkward.
  • Awkward belting…belt it up girl, I get it, rock on for belts! Just aim for your natural waistline…not your bra line...belts are not boob shelves (especially for the curvy ladies like me)
  • Neons…I like to think I’m a pretty unassuming person so to me this look screams “look at me! I’m mimicking nature by wearing bright colors to attract a mate!” (for the record, this statement is fully retracted if you are wearing neon to avoid a hunting accident…otherwise, it stands)
  • And last, but definitely not least…tights/leggings/jeggings Are. Not. Pants!

I hope I haven’t offended (too much), but really, this isn’t fight club: we’re allowed to talk about the fact that sensible, modest clothes are really hard to find these days if you're younger or Land's End isn't really your thing (this is particularly true for the curvy ladies). And of course, I’d love to have the money to buy cute vintage stuff every day, but there again we are faced with the people-were-apparently-much-smaller-in-history problem. A good pair of jeans or modest skirt, a comfy top, a good sweater, and cute accessories. What more does a girl really need?

What bothers you about modern fashion?...come on...I know there's something. :)

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