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Confession time: I’m pretty sure I’d be happy just reading cool blogs all day. (see how it’s in smaller font…that’s me whispering!)

For the record, I do work full-time and I’m a responsible, involved member of the adult world (most of the time). But can I just take a moment to recognize how many just ridiculously awesome blogs there are out there?!

I’m not a huge advocate of technology (as evidence of my not-so-smart phone and lack of personal computer/internet), but I think blogs are a triumph of the Internet. Just imagine if we could replace all the crap on the interwebs with more awesome, creative, funky people writing about their lives. How cool!

There are a few that I love that are listed on my “blog lovin'” page (cause i'm Superbad...get it? get it?), but I feel like I find more every day. Pretty soon, I’ll be so busy reading about other people’s lives, I won’t have time to live my own. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration, obviously, but you get what I’m sayin. The point is, I think people are really cool and I love that you can connect with them and share pics and experience and ideas and such across something as lame as the Internet. Well…not always lame…this is definitely not lame:

So what are your favorite blogs?

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