a bed sort of day

Have you ever had a bed sort of day? Not a bad day, necessarily…just a bed one. The kind where, no matter for how many hours you’ve been awake, it is painfully clear that you should have just stayed in bed. Today is one of those days.

The weather here is grey, a little drizzly, blustery, and cold (45F). I think it's awesome! And though I am absolutely thrilled that it’s finally feeling autumnal (crunchy leaves and all!) it is also, without a doubt, stay-in-bed-watching-movies-or-reading-with-tea-and-a-snuggly-quilt weather. And it is definitely not sit-in-a-cubicle-on-a-computer-with-a-headache-for-8-hours weather. I don’t know what that kind of weather would be, but that’s not my point.

My point is that I’m a Negative Nancy today. A big ol’ double-N, Negative Nancy.

I have so so many things to be grateful for, and I know that! A wonderful family, an amazing boyfriend (more about him later), a job, a (mostly) warm place to live, enough food, breath in my lungs, and tons of other awesome stuff. So why it is so hard to remember all of that?

A particularly perky friend once told me that she has a folder on her computer just with pictures of family, friends, babies, puppies, flowers…all the things that make her happy. She looks at it only when she’s down. It’s her “You have way too many reasons to be happy to be depressed” folder. It doesn't seem that easy for me.

I’m trying to focus on all the great stuff, definitely not least of which is a God who loves me and continues to bless me every single day. But I’m human, and really…no matter how much great stuff I think of…I still just want to bundle up and sit outside of a coffee shop with an extra-extra-hot chai and a book. Apparently, you can just call me miss grumpypants.

So...if you can't beat em, join em...what would you rather be doing today than whatever you are doing?

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