stitchy little heart

yesterday i sewed my first real applique ever! well, not entirely ever...there was one incident back in the early 2000s when that recycle-the-butt-of-your-old-jeans-into-a-purse trend was really popular. i made one of those (seriously reducing the butt size while doing so...even i knew better than to give away my booty size with a voluminous purse). during it's production, i vaguely remember feeling inspired to add a semi-appliqued denim star on one of the pockets (in a contrasting denim color, ob-vy). it was awesome truly hideous and even though the purse was sturdy, like everything in high school, i came in at the very end of the trend, carrying my newly crafted bag to school for one day before it was pronounced lame by my life's equivalent of Regina George (we all know one).

anyways...last night i sewed an actual applique and i'm really excited. i even used fusible, double-stick web and everything! woot! this very close-up pic is part of a very soft red flannel pillowcase currently on its way to my sweet sweet sister. i decided to finish it off with a chunky imperfect whip stitch border and overall, i'm very pleased. 

now i have a whole package of fusible web and nothing immediately requiring it. so naturally i'm all...

yay for stitchy fun times!

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