goodbye, NC!

For 9,581 days (aka my whole life), I have called North Carolina home.
And although in some ways, it always will be...in less than 24 hours...

40 boxes + 1 truck + 344 miles = a whole new adventure!

In the meantime, I'll indulge in a little NC nostalgia and listen to James:


  1. It is crazy that this day is here,,,,as I have imagined you would leave High Point one day and bless another place with your beauty, faith and love for life. I am happy for you both and I am excited to see what amazing plans God has for you there. Big HUGS & smooches! Love Always.Mom

  2. Awww it's never easy packing up and moving, especially when that's all you'v ever known! I did that two years ago - it seemed terribly difficult at times but looking back I've grown ever so much. Life is an adventure and moving has been one of the biggest! Best of luck lovely!


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