big news!

Today's post was going to feature a tutorial for a typography project I've been working on...but you'll have to wait for that because instead I have something better: REALLY REALLY BIG NEWS!

Life the last two weeks has been absolute madness, but we can finally share our upcoming adventure with you all...

Strider's family is from the great state of Pennsylvania and we are overjoyed to be relocating back to his hometown. Though North Carolina will always be home in my heart, we could not be more thrilled! God has fulfilled a lot of prayer in making this transition possible so we are incredibly thankful to Him and eager to see what He has in store for us in our new home.

It may be a little more difficult for me to post during the next couple weeks, but I promise, I'm not going anywhere and will have tons of fun stuff to share coming up. In the meantime, any pro moving tips to share?

*Prints of the artwork I borrowed can be found here and here.*

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  1. Excitement! I love that you two will have amaxing new memories with your family there! I look forward to seeing your new home in October. Big HUGS!


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