pies & paint: the paint

Hold on to your horses, folks: the nightstands are done. That's right - it only took me 4+ months, but as of this morning, they're actually finished!!

Starting line = 2 mismatched antique nightstands and a dream of creating a cute his & hers set for our bedroom
Finish line = refinished, matching and functional bedside guardians! We'll likely be using them forever.
Worth it? Absolutely!

Too tired to share much more so I'm off to eat Sunday lunch with family and bask in the satisfaction of completing a project. Bonus: getting my craft room floor back. 
Happy Sunday!


  1. Ah! Can you PLEASE come over and paint me some of those?! haha. Good work!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! If you fancy a trip to NC I'll be happy to make you a set :)

  2. They look great!! I would snag a set of them too ;)


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