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I was poking around online today and came across a question that really struck me:
Have you loved fully today?

I really had to pause to think about it. After all, what is "fully"? Can we approximate it to "a lot"? Not really.

fully – adverb / completely or entirely; to the furthest extent; in every way or detail

Completely. Entirely. In every way and detail.
Are we even capable of that kind of love? Being made in the image of a Creator that truly, fully loves us would make it seem like the answer is yes. But knowing myself, I have doubts.

I am frequently selfish and to be honest, often more judgmental than I'd like to be. So the question becomes, can I fully love someone if there's still focus on me? The answer's seems a bit rhetorical.

So here I sit, looking outside at the beautiful Spring and thinking about my amazing family - my mom and sister, specifically. Am I loving them fully each day? What can I do to set aside frustrations or selfish tendencies? And when I overcome those things, what acts of love can take their place?

Then there's Strider. I know I'm not the first newly-married wife to wonder how she can more fully love her husband, but being intentional about asking the question is a decent start.
      – Can I better trust him to lead our family and to be the "plan-maker"?
      – What are other ways to pray for him and encourage him in His faith?
      – How can I actively set myself aside and choose to serve instead?

Or neighbors. Or co-workers. Or grocery store clerks. Or distant friends who could probably use a phone call or a card, because love in fullness doesn't comprehend "out of sight, out of mind".

Then, one of the hardest of all - yourself. Can you step back and look at your oh-so-imperfect self, and choose to fully love you. In what ways can you cut yourself a little slack and just love being you? Love your life, your body, your joy and talents and all the little things that make you, you. For some people this is easy, but for others maybe not. There's a big difference between being selfish and fully loving yourself for who you are. Unfortunately, like many women, I'm only well-practiced at one - not right one.

So the question I'm asking myself and you today is: Who will you love fully today? How?

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