You may have noticed that my posts have been more sparse over the last two weeks. this is because i'm busy getting all settled in to my new job!! 

Being a full-time nanny is going great so far, but it also certainly a huge challenge. From 7 am till usually 6 pm, I am now hanging out with a rambunctious almost 5 year old boy called TL and a sweet-when-she-isn't-teething 7 month old girl named Baby K (yes, these are internet-safe versions of their names). Definitely a far cry from the board meetings I've been accustom to for the last few years...though the fussiness and immaturity are sometimes eerily similar. haha

Moment of honesty...the 6 am wake-up, 25 minute drive, and 11-hour days are less than fun. BUT...I feel very blessed and for all it's challenges, I am learning a lot and enjoying it. The new wake-up time also puts me going to bed by 9:30-10 these days...hello granny!

Don't despair (as if you would!), this blog isn't going anywhere...I just need to get settled in to how my time looks during the day and probably pre-schedule posts a bit more. I'll figure it out!

My lack of a personal computer is also compounding the issue - so if you have an extra computer lying around that you are just so tired of, I suppose I could take it off your hands!

So, any advice on fun activities while juggling a 5 year old and a 7 month old? (metaphorical juggling, obviously)

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