blog braggin'!

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of blogging is getting to meet awesome people. And unfortunately, the only way I have been previously able to show some love for my fav-bloggers was through a sad little page with a lot of text-only links. Snooze-fest.

But NO MORE I tell you!

I'm very excited to announce that I've finally finished the real version of my Blogs I Love! tab. It's all grown up now with button lined up in a fancy size-set table (yay for doing html coding with only minimal code knowledge!). 

It practically shouts "I'm a real boy!"
…or…at least I think it does since it took an inordinate amount of emails, coding, and uploading to make it look that way.

So please click on the tab at the top now and go marvel at all the awesome blogs there. 
And meet some new friends...
...and do the hokey pokey...
...cause that's what it's all about! Hey!

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