a song for the birds: a to z

Found this great little A to Z get-to-know-me list at Lashes & Beard the other day so I thought I'd join in and share some random-ness about the girl behind A Song for the Birds. If you decide to post your own A to Z list, make sure to let me know—these are way fun to read through!

A // Available or Married?
not married, but certainly not "available"

B // Book?
obsessed—always have been. my shelves are beautifully fully and there is nothing I enjoy more any time of day. 
current reads are: Twelve Extraordinary Women, RUMO, and hopefully soon, Red Letter Revolution.

C // Cake or pie?
both. since I love to bake and do professional cakes on the side, I have to show some love for a good cake. 
at the same time, a really well made chocolate cream pie is like my kryptonite. seriously.

D // Drink of choice?
hands-down a "cuppa" of tea or very rich hot cocoa 
(alcohol-based drinks are pretty rare for me, but on the occasion a tom collins with gin is my go-to)

E // Essential item?
the lovely butterfly necklace Strider got me for my birthday almost two years ago, I wear it every day

F // Favorite color?
100% depends on my mood. blues are my go-to, but I also love
greens, yellows, purples, and greys. 
really, anything but orange – yuck!

G // Game to play or watch?
Clue or Dutch Blitz—Strider's family is really in to family game time so I'm on a steep learning curve 
to catch up with everything they play. the only one I feel confident I'll never understand is Rook. 
also, I don't play games with fake money because money is complicated enough in real life 
lastly, I am a huge and dying fan of the Myst computer game series—nerdy, I know.

H // Hometown?
essentially still in it—after 24 years, it's actually starting to grow on me

I // Indulgence?
new fabric/craft supplies. cool mint oreos. rewatching tv series I love.

J // Job?
in transition to something new and exciting (God is so good!)

K // Kids and names?
someday—I cannot wait!! well, really I can wait. 
come back to me in 3 years.

L // Life is incomplete without...?
Christ, my family, Strider

M // Music group or singer?
depends on the mood really—I prefer "organic" music with minimal computer processing/effects
favs include folk, indie, acoustic, jazz, classical, worship, 60-70s classics, blues, crooners, etc.
open to almost anything but techno, dubstep, or country

N // Number of siblings?
one gorgeous, amazing sister who is moving home in a month!
and my cousin Lindsey (Reece's mommy) who I really consider more of a sister than a cousin

O // Oranges or apples?
both. alternately. every day at lunch. and bananas too!

P // Phobias and fears?
fear – I hate being afraid. I don't like scary movies, horror books, or creepy costumes. period
actual "fears" are that I won't be a good wife/mom, even though I know God has plans to the contrary. 
silly phobias—storm drains and spiders to the max. I blame my 7yo self for watching It and Arachnophobia

Q // Quote?
"Let love be genuine." - Romans 12:9a
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Loa Tzu
"it is a warm green rain / with love / in its pockets / for spring is here, and does not dream of death" - Brautigan
"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero (attributed)

R // Reason to smile?
life – so very very blessed by an amazing, loving God.

S // Season?
"Fal-inter": Right at the end of fall when everything is crunchy and brightly 
colored, when the air has turned chilly but snow and Christmas are still to come.

T // Tattoos?
yes – all meaningful, all easily concealed. and one more in-the-works with my sis!

U // Unknown fact?
I love big. I have a small group of friends, but I care very very deeply for them and
would be 
willing to do far more than they would ever ask, if they needed. 
I love giving gifts and serving the people I love the most. Sometimes this is to my detriment.

V // Vegetables you love?
Almost anything. Exceptions include: cauliflower (it is suspicious), beans (gross texture), 
brussels sprouts and collard greens (who even likes those!), okra, and chickpeas.

W // Worst habit?
picking at my nails/cuticles – Strider has pretty much helped me stop, but it is a recurring stress habit

X // X-rays you've had?
lots—I blame a combination of clumsiness and dedication to high school sports

Y // Your favorite food?
mmmm. my mom's cheesy chicken. and mint oreos/junior mints/york patties/anything chocolate & mint.

Z // Zodiac?
gemini but I could really care less and think it means nothing

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