the little Cara Box that could

You may remember that few months ago I partnered up with Kaitlyn from Wifessionals in her monthly Cara Box Exchange. This awesome blogger phenomenon is literally sweeping the nation! Okay so it's not on CNN on anything, but there are a lot of really incredible bloggers involved.

So…way back in December, I was partnered with the oh-so-sweet Nicole from Life in the Boys' Locker Room. I sent out my box to my other partner and waited in anticipation for my box to come from Nicole. And waited. And waited.

After several emails, Nicole and I realized that my box was lost (thanks a lot USPS). She said she would send out a new box straightaway – which, was promptly lost as well. I felt awful and told her not even to worry about it. I mean, she'd already taken the time to make me TWO boxes – clearly she's awesome. But Nicole said it would just not do!

So last night, after 2 months and a billion emails, I received my totally rockin' December Cara Box! 
Nicole is rad like a 90s scrunchie set!
Check it out…so much cool Christmas stuff I can save for next year! And do you even see that Mary-Kay facial kit?! Plus, I can't show you because I tore in to everything like a little kid, but each gift was individually wrapped and numbered with a sweet "gift guide" note explaining why it was included. I love everything and could not have been more impressed with Nicole's determination and more importantly, her sweet spirit in wanting to make sure I got my box no matter what. Thanks girl!

What I love most about this funny story is that the whole point of Cara Boxes is getting to know other women bloggers – and what better way to do this than through a hilarious postal service debacle. You can still sign up today to be a part of the February Cara Box swap so make sure you join up now…and that you get the tracking insurance. 

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  1. so so so so so so SOOOOOO HAPPY YOU LOVE EVERYTHING!!!
    :-) You are so awesome!


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