After lots of work, cooking, and doing dishes this week, here we are, chilling at my mom's so Strider can watch endless bball (aka the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs). 

My friday started at 6 am with a green apron and customers who apparently couldn't get their coffee fast enough. Normally, this is fine and just part of the barista job description, except mid-shift today I accidentally spilled dumped an entire 20 oz vat of boiling Blonde roast all over my hand slash apron slash pants slash everything. We were really busy so I quickly ran some cold water over my hand and kept going. 30 mins later my skin was still throbbing, red, and angry. I used a truly glorious burn cream which helped, but several customers were like: "What the deal, Sarah? Why no funny song and dance today with my latte?" Honestly, I wanted so badly to suggest that maybe if you're irritable and 20 min late for work, this isn't the best time to stop and stand in line for a hot beverage...or maybe, just maybe baristas are here to make coffee, not necessarily to memorize your name and complicated beverage while also performing a simultaneous comedy routine and motivational therapy session. However, I did not. And eventually we (my hand epidermis, crappy attitude, and I) got over it and enjoyed the rest of the day.

So now that I'm caught up on internet reading and my hand is all better, I'm just sitting here, rocking out to my new favorite song, watching the video over and over because it just doesn't seem to get old. The moral of the story is, even if your day started with a bath in 200 degree brown caffeine water, this song does exactly what it says: Happy. 

Simple and awesome for a weekend night. Let down your hair and dance around a bit.
"Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with tambourine and lyre." -Psalm 149:3
Though Pharrell isn't exactly using a lyre or dedicating this jam to the Big Man, I'm taking it as full opportunity to revel in the love of my awesome Creator, in whom I find true joy.

Fun fact: my favorite scene is at 1:30-1:38. Just. so. awesome.
Happy dancin!

Note: The author does not endorse this musical artist as a whole. I just really like this particular song.


  1. This post and that verse remind me to rejoice and delight in everything that God has blessed me with!! Even through tough times, God is there taking care of us. :)

  2. Whoa, whoa. You are a barista as well?? We might definitely need to swap some stories soon! :)

    That song is very catchy indeed. :)


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