blackout blessings

After yet another ice storm and two days without power, Strider and I are getting back to normal life. 
Can I just say, what is up with the South this winter?!
img source: newsobserver.com 3-7-14
Friday night we had an awesome sleepover with some of our best friends who graciously let us crash in the guest bedroom. For dinner, I made Turkey-Pesto Meatballs with spaghetti for everyone and it was delicious - definitely a new addition to the recipe binder. Plus, I got to have a cup of coffee Saturday morning on their couch with a very snuggly Reece beside me -- she's extra sweet-cakes in the a.m.! 

As Mark started making breakfast, we sadly had to rush out the door. I then proceeded to work a 14-hour event at my Events Coordinator job. Needless to say, I was thoroughly spent by midnight. However...I got a text from Strider an hour before I got off saying that our power had been miraculously restored. Praise God!

Weighing on my mind over these last couple days are the tons of posts complaining about the power outages...on Facebook...from their smartphones. Honestly, it made me pretty sad. Yes, not having electricity is a bummer. And yes, having trees fall on the roads and power lines is a inconvenience. But it appears that no one was hurt or lost a loved one. Property can be repaired, streets will be cleared, and everyone will be back online in no time. 
In the end...is it really worth getting so upset over?
Plus, while venting about how long it might possibly take to restore everything, let's pause together and think of the dozens of people out dealing with live wires and dangerous conditions just trying their best to make it right.

But here we are at Monday. And with my rare and glorious afternoon off, I just spent 20 minutes hauling out basically every item in our refrigerator. Though I hate to do it, I am embracing the chance to get a jump on spring by cleaning out our fridge properly. I am taking advantage of the opportunity to not replace all the super-processed unnecessary items that my new cookbook-reading hobby has enabled us to do without. I am looking forward to a fresh start Monday in my kitchen (which my sister always says is a great day to start things). And I am really loving that after a weekend of darkness and ice, today it is 70 degrees and the windows of the apartment are thrown open. Because after all, when you weigh a couple days without power against everything else in the world, I don't have room to feel anything but extremely blessed.

And to all the city employees and energy company workers out there that have worked so hard over the last 48 hours, who probably feel like there is still an insurmountable amount yet to be done...I truly and deeply appreciate you. I could not do what you do and I am filled with gratitude. If it were up to me, there'd be free Starbucks in it for you all! Since it isn't, I hope a simple "thank you" can suffice.


  1. Wow.... we haven't had power outages, but the snow won't go away here. I agree thought, a power outage isn't the end of the world. Love your attitude toward the whole situation!

  2. What a great attitude to have about a frustrating situation! And I agree, a good opportunity to clean out the fridge. :-)


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