new name, new hair

After 4+ years of growing my hair out...I'm free! 

I always knew I wanted my hair to be long for my wedding and Strider loved when I wore it down, so I've been fighting the urge to slice & dice it for what seems like forever.

Like most women, I go through the never-ending cycle of grow it out...bored...chop it off...oh wait, that was a mistake...grow it out...repeat. However, for this special, long-awaited and much-anticipated haircut, I knew I wanted it to be worthwhile. That's when a hairstylist friend told me about Pantene Beautiful Lengths!
Pantene has partnered with the American Cancer Society to create beautiful, real-hair wigs for women with cancer. The minimum requirement is an untreated ponytail of 8" or more and donating could not be easier. If you're interested, check out the donation page here.

Normally, I freak out after a big haircut, but looking in the mirror today, I told Strider that it feels different to know that my hair will go towards making someone else feel beautiful, instead of just a stylist's trashcan. Holding 11.5" inches of your own hair in your hands is really bizarre, but I'm super happy with it. Thankfully, the Mr. likes it too!


  1. You look beautiful as always my dear. What a nice thing to do to donate it as well!! Hugs!

  2. Looks good! I've always thought this was a really cool, but couldn't ever part with that much of my hair. What a sweet and selfless thing to do! :)

  3. Donating is the best! Congrats! Visiting from SITS, nice to meet you!
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place


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