food & furniture (part deux)

Other than all my new kitchen "funtivities", I have two pretty exciting furniture projects on the docket. The first actually began before the wedding with the purchase of two vintage nightstands. Bought separately, my intention was to find two different styles that I could refinish into a funky matching set.
I saw and immediately fell in love with the shape of the yellow one for my side of the bed – it had just come off the truck and I snagged it for $25! For Strider's side, I knew I wanted something simple and masculine, but that would also be relatively close to the dimensions of mine. After a few weeks of searching, I found this blue beauty with a coral rooster painted on top. Hideous now, but I've got great plans for it!

At first, I was set on going with an antiqued white for both pieces to compliment our light blue-aqua bedspread. However, now that I'm looking at colors, I'm thinking it might be fun and bold to do a dark, slate blue. But with that clash with our cherry wood furniture? Thoughts?

The second, and even more exciting project is actually my wedding gift from Strider!! For several years, I've been using a slightly broken but free student desk for sewing and crafts. It's nice enough as a desk, but a bit dysfunctional and crowded for crafting.
Strider moved in with some friends over the summer and I nearly fainted over an antique green beauty his housemate owned. Seriously. I mooned over this desk for 6+ months, trying in vain to find something similar that I could afford. It was just perfection in every possible way. I even attempted a desk-swap with the owner, who wasn't really interested. I gave up and cried a little on the inside knowing I would never be able to love that gorgeous green desk the way I felt it deserved.

Then, lo and behold! At the hotel on our wedding night, Strider informs me that he has a wedding present for me, but that I can't have it till we got home. HE GOT ME THE DESK! I mean, the exact desk from his old room. Let's be clear - I freaked out. Long story short, the guys brought it over this week and boy, is that baby gorgeous! And look at how my two bins of fabric fit all snug right on either side. Gahhhh - I'm in love!
Now...to the paint. The fixtures are gorgeous, but I'd like to do something different with the color. I kind of dig the green, but I think I might take it darker and toned down a bit. Either way, isn't it a dream? Does my new husband know me so well or what - a desk and a refinishing project all in one. For me...the best wedding present a girl could ask for!

Dinner tonight? Grilled asparagus with prosciutto, poached eggs and hollandaise, with a side of baked new potatoes. Yum!

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