Quick recap of the last couple weeks:
  1. my "but-weren't-you-3yo-like-yesterday?" baby sister got married last friday!!! so excited and happy for them!
  2. it's market week here so work has been bananas. business people apparently can't get coffee fast enough.
  3. plus side - strider has had loads of overtime so his check will be bananas too (all the better for doing responsible things like paying off students loans. wah wah)
  4. i borrowed a sander from my friend steve and project nightstands should be complete this weekend
  5. it's officially too hot in our apartment to buy actual bananas. in april. i mean, really? stupid parking lot with no shade on our south-facing kitchen. anyone have tips on how to make fruit stay unripened as long as possible?
  6. lastly, my aunt showed me this video, which I just love. this kid is kinda bananas too, in an awesome way.

Lastly, life may be crazy (b-a-n-a-n-a-s), but it's also really great!

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