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It's my blog so I can post what I want to...post what I want to...ooooh.

Okay, so this is bit out of my normal subject matter, but I'm allowed a shameless plug for my super talented friends every once in a while. And today is that day! 

Meet....Kevan Chandler! (Come on down, Kevan)
Writer, adventurer, intellectual spelunker, and my friend.

His latest book is "Hargood and the End" and if you like zombies and wit (though it may be thin on witty zombies, come to think), you'll probably love it. The description on Amazon reads:

It's the end of an age, and just in time for the end of everything else too. In suburban South Florida, Warnie Hargood is walking his mail route for the last time before retirement when his customers suddenly start trying to eat him. With nothing to lose, the 85 year old mailman decides retirement can wait. He has a calling, a duty that will go unfulfilled if it's not done by him. At the end of the world as we know it, there is still mail to be delivered, and Warnie swore long ago that nothing would stay him...ever.

So check it out now on Amazon, available in print or for your kindle (boo e-readers). But yaaaayy for Kevan! So click here to check it out now!

*Disclaimer: Full disclosure compels me to let you know that due to my heart-palpating fear of zombies, Kevan is in full awareness that I will not actually be reading this book. However, I fully recommend him as a writer. Also, I'm not getting paid for this post. (hint hint Kevan!)*

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