the end, my friends

Well...today marks the end of this blog. I've been thinking about it for a while, and for a number of reasons have decided that this space seems to have run its course. Although it was almost always fun and I've learned a lot, it's time to move on. Cue the fanfare or whatever. :)

That being said, I'm not deserting the blog-world entirely, just shifting focus a bit and starting fresh. Which is why I'm delighted to share the news that my shiny, new blog is making it's debut today!

I hope if you've enjoyed this blog over the last few years or have bookmarked it at some point intending to read it but have never actually done so, that you'll join me over at....

I'm very excited about the new direction this blog will take and how it will be a better reflection of my life today.

I'll leave this space active for a couple months just in case, but after a while, I do plan on deleting it and thereby all the content as well. So if there was a particular post you were interested in, I'd suggest checking it out soon, or better yet, update your bookmarks and just join me over at the new space.

Happy Friday and happy blogging! I look forward to sharing more with you at Teaspoon, Thimble & Trowel.


  1. Okay...so I am saying goodbye to you sweet blog ...thank you for all the great posts. I am excited to see all the new thoughts at "Teaspoon, Thimble, and Trowel." Sarah keep blessing us all with your curious thoughts, projects,and love for all things family! Love always! Mom

  2. This could've been a great April Fools joke... had you said you were completely quiting blogging and then tmw said you had a new one!

  3. Great name! I love the look of the new site :)


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