major life update

Hi friends! It may surprise you to learn that I have not actually fallen into a well or been carried off by large birds...just been taking a bit of a blog break while busy working on other things. I don't have any projects to share today, but hoped I could share exciting life news otherwise!

First off, my hand(s) recovery is coming along very well. I've been released from PT and other than one slightly disgruntled thumb, I have almost all my normal function back. Absolutely no more numbness, tingling, or pain waking me up at night—surgery was a challenge but so worth it! 

Second news is that I have a new job! I started two weeks ago as an administrative assistant for the arts center of a prestigious school nearby. The people are super nice, it's much less stressful, and it's really fun to be surrounded by the arts again. God is an amazing provider! Plus...it will be much more conducive to my third piece of news:

I've finally figured out what I want to do! While out for surgery, I told Strider I felt like I needed to spend the time at home praying about / figuring out what I really wanted to pursue. Through a series of beautiful events, the perfect answer revealed itself: I'm now pursuing the path to be a...
If, like many people, you've never heard of doulas, they are birth companions/coaches who provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women & families before, during, and after birth. After much prayer and thought, I've realized that this is where my heart lies and a path which encompasses so many of my passions!

For the last few months I've been diligently researching, meeting with a variety of professionals, and moving forward with this pursuit. Though there are a number of great organizations out there, I decided to do my certification through Childbirth International and I am excited to say that I'm closing in on finishing my certification work. I already have a couple of my student-births lined up and a stack of business cards slowly making their way all over town. It is such an amazing community and I've been encouraged greatly by the response from family, friends, and other professionals I've met thus far. I finally feel confident that I am pursuing a path that God has been leading me towards for many years, I just didn't see it till now (which is often how it goes, it seems!). So if you know any pregnant mamas in the south-central PA area, please send them my way!
That's all folks...all my big, exciting news! I hope you all are doing well and that you are excited about festivities with family and friends next week. See you in 2016, friends!



  1. Dearest Sarah, It is so exciting to read your blog this a.m. and to think about the way God has moved in yours and Charlie's life. I am so happy for you both. I love you so very much and look forward to your hearing about your work at the academy and especially your ministry to women as a Doula. Big HUGS as always and blessings! Mom

  2. Exciting! I'm glad you feel like you have direction. I'm sure you will be a great doula!


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