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Hi friends! After wrapping up the Modern Simple Homemaking series a couple weeks ago, I decided to take a mini blog break to recharge. Although it was fun to do the series and certainly a challenge to stick to a posting schedule, I am glad to be back to the usual program.

Anyways, today I'm coming back with a fun and easy sewing project to share...
Vintage Hankie Curtains!

I started collecting vintage handkerchiefs a few years ago to use at my bridal shower tea, but I held on to them looking for just the right project. Purchasing this many hankies is not cost-effective at once but if you have the time to pick up one here or there at a good price, it's much more reasonable.

To start out, I took our existing curtain sheer down and spread it out on the floor. I placed the hankies on top to get a feel for how many more I would need. I originally planned to do two full-length panels but it would've taken a TON more handkerchiefs and ultimately would've looked very busy on the walls.

Instead, I decided to do a single, apron length panel that I could sweep the side. For suggestions on curtain length, check out the West Elm info below:
Apron length is option B - usually about 4" below the sill (source)
After positioning all the hankies in a good arrangement, I pinned all pieces into rows and attached them with a quick pass through the sewing machine. (This part was already done in the picture at the top.)

Next, I arranged the rows together and attached them together. It was a little tricky since all the hankies are different sizes (and none were truly square), but not too difficult. I also tried to line them up to make sure the best border styles showed.

Then, I took a length of double-fold quilt binding, opened it all the way, and pinned it to the back top of the curtain about an inch from the top. Sew along both ends 1/8 inch—this will create the pocket for the curtain rail to pass through and create a cute ruching effect with the remaining top inch. (I borrowed this casing idea from the hankie valences over at Flamingo Toes.)
I also decided to straight-line-cut the bottom of the curtain and add a piece of decorative lace.

After a little help from Strider hanging it up, it was good to go!

 I love the way the light comes in through all the colors!
I tied it back with a simple bit of ribbon; I like the shape of the single panel side sweep. And it shows off the lace edging at the bottom too.

So there you have it, a nice repurpose project for your vintage hankies!

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  1. I have had this project in my mind for ages! You make it look so much easier than I imagined it would be.


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