The Guest Room & Guesting Elsewhere

(OR Being Nice At Home & Other Places)

We all know the scenario...you've enjoyed a wonderful meal with friends, maybe played a few games, shared a tasty dessert, and then realized it was time to turn it. You help your friends with their coats and stand in the doorway waving goodbye as they back out of the driveway. Usually the moment the door is closed something to the effect of "That was really fun, but I'm beat!" is uttered. So...what about when guests are there to stay? It’s another thing entirely to say good-night as they settle in to the guest room. 

During college, it was nothing for friends to crash on the couch without a second thought. However...those of us beyond our dorm days may feel compelled to provide a bit more during overnight visits. In addition to the general entertaining ideas we looked at last week, setting up a welcoming guest room is a great way to make visitors feel comfortable when away from home, even for just one night.

Whether you have a fully dedicated “guest bedroom” or are more like us with a “guest-slash-craft-slash-multi-purpose” room, here are a few tips for making friends feel comfy:

- Back to Basics: Even the best couches aren't really for sleeping (pull out models aside). Providing an actual bed 
  with sheets and a few different pillows is a good step. A trash can, extra blankets, mirror, and bedside lamp are 
  nice too. **Tip: have one firm and one soft pillow available to accommodate various sleeper preferences.**
Gorgeous and so peaceful looking, plus it maximizes style in a minimal number of accents. source 

- Extras are Nice: Though not essential, an alarm clock, luggage rack, chair, box of tissues, and nightlight are 
  thoughtful additions. Another huge one for us both at home and elsewhere is a fan, either ceiling-mounted, floor, 
  or tabletop. It seems lots of people share this nighttime need so it's good to always make it available.

- Gettin' Fancy: To go a step further, the following are extra special touches many guests will appreciate and are 
  often even surprised by: 
          a few interesting books / bottled water or a carafe and clean glass / a few snacks / fresh flowers / 
          a nice candle / a small basket of extra travel-size toiletries / a notecard with the wifi password
          Note: I also try to put out a set of fresh towels beforehand so they don’t have to look around or 
          ask when they’re ready to shower.
To see an even more detailed list of guest room goodies, check out this post over at First Home Love Life.

The level of preparedness may depend on the length of your guests stay, but regardless, having a well-prepped guest room makes any visit much more enjoyable and guests feel welcome. 

I've also found that keeping a guest room from being overly cluttered is usually appreciated. Though it is fun to display collections/collectibles, in more elaborately decorated homes, I'm always nervous about preserving the decor or accidentally bumping into a heavily laden surface. As usual, sweet and simple is best.

**More tips on making guests comfortable without a guest room can be found in at Apartment Therapy.**

As much as you would want someone to enjoy their time in your home and be respectful of your household rules and routines, naturally, it should go without saying to show the same to friends when you are the guest. Here are a couple ideas to make for a nice houseguest when visiting elsewhere:

- Don’t leave belongings strewn all over the guest room or bathroom, especially on the floor.
- Ask for what you need instead of hunting around for it; your host may feel uncomfortable having the closets or 
  cabinets seen by guests.
- Make up the bed before you leave—it’s a classically nice gesture.
- Offer to help with dinner, dishes, or errands. Even if you host declines, he/she will appreciate your willingness.
- Thank your host in person and again later either by phone, email, or card. This may be a bit old school Miss 
  Manners these days, but its rarity makes it all the more special. Personally, I like to bring a pretty, blank card 
  with me when staying somewhere for the weekend or longer so that I can leave a thoughtful note of appreciation 
  on the (made) bed or nightstand upon leaving.

Now you've mastered the casual dinner party or movie night and the guest room is ready to receive travelers...so how can you put it all together and manage a weekend visit (or longer!)? 
Check back next week for more fun ideas and homemaking tips!

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