Homemaking Series Launch!

I’m a big fan of words and “home” is one of my all-time favorites! Comforting, nostalgic, even stressful at times, it’s a tiny word that packs quite a punch. One of my favorite qualities about the idea of “home” is it’s variety. Homes can look as different as any two things might, however, the one shared trait seems to be that many of us are daunted by the prospect of setting up and managing a home, particularly twenty-somethings who are just starting out. 

In turn, it appears only two options arise: give up and give in to the stress, resigning to believe that you don’t "have what it takes” to be successful at managing your home and to enjoy doing so OR become a wild-eyed despot hell-bent on spotlessness, tossing at night with nightmares of soiled table linens and a dinner party where Martha Stewart and Julia Child show up to sneer at your every faux pax (just...as a fictional example, of course). But after extensive research and years of self-doubt, I’ve recently begun to accept that the real truth about keeping-house is just a rarely discussed secret:

Modern homemaking is entirely doable and enjoyable!

A lack of available education (how many schools still offer home-ec?) as well as the prevailing notion that these practices are outdated, tiresome, and unprofitable may make the above statement seem untrue. And though modern practices may look different than the past...at the end of the day, houses still need to be cleaned and meals still need to be made. Plus, you might be surprised how many young women today are eager to reclaim these skills!

That being said, this Modern Simple Homemaking series will seek to be a helpful and realistic resource for anyone looking to create a simple, comfortable, and manageable home. You won’t find any lengthy discussions on textile fiber origins as they relate to laundering (snooze!). Posts will also be lacking in tips for serving caviar and overseeing household staff, because frankly, the closest I will ever get to household staff is watching Downton Abbey in my pjs. There is a time and place for household scientific data and for hors d'oeuvres with foie gras, just not often in my home. There is, however, loads of room for learning in the in-between. And fun giveaways too!

Keep in mind: Home responsibilities, today more than ever, are shared. Though women are no longer confined by expectations of managing the household alone, and although household tasks can certainly be done by male and female members of the home alike, there are plenty of women who take pride in their desire to be homemakers, stay-at-home or otherwise. These women (like myself) prefer to own the responsibilities of the home and consider it just as viable a career choice as any of the other avenues available to women today. So whether you take charge of things mostly on your own or divide work between all members of the household equally, the important part to remember is: Anyone can create a wonderful home, it’s who you share it with that matters.

So...whether you grew up sitting around the table, napkin tucked in at the neck as your June Cleaver mom served pot roast in heels OR you carefully peeled the plastic off your pre-partitioned microwave dinner while rushing to snag the best spot on the couch, I hope this series helps you believe that creating a place of warmth and order in your home is possible, enjoyable, and rewarding!

                                                                         Thanks for taking this journey with me!

**Note About Pinterest**
In the last few years, the Pinterest sensation has swept the nation and almost anyone who seeks inspiration or likes looking at colorful photos can find something to love. Though I'm a big advocate of this site as an inspiration-finder and will link to it on occasion, be sure to check ingredients/warnings before attempting something that doesn’t seem quite right. There are loads of homemaking ideas on Pinterest, but be cautious when experimenting.

**Author Note**
I am a mid-twenties, newlywed, not-for-profit blogger. I am not yet a homeowner or parent, and generally try to live a pretty simple life. That being said, please remember that despite my research, the info in this series is ultimately just opinion. None of the posts, ideas, or products mentioned have any kind of corporate sponsorship or paid advertising attached to them. And of course, if you have tips or suggestions to add, I'd love to hear from you!

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