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Hi friends! Between work and cooking, I've been sewing and reading furiously of late. Plus, lots and lots of Christmas decorating and movie-watching. I absolutely love how festive and fun home feels this time of year. (Meanwhile, Strider is being a very good sport!) In lieu of having you over for cocoa, I thought I'd just share some snapshots of our seasonal fun-tivities!
Strider is much more trustworthy with a saw!
Our first-ever cut-it-yourself tree!
Bunting for living room wall - made with twine, scrapbook paper,
index cards, and a little acrylic-paint-time for the letters.
Remember that DIY crate entertainment center...now doubling as a nativity "stable".
No fireplace but still "hung with care" on our bookcase!
Fun story: My family has a longstanding tradition of a mistletoad instead of mistletoe.
Though they don't make 
my mom's version anymore (circa 1988), I managed to snag
this cutie at Hallmark then deck him out with a 
modified wine bottle santa suit
from the dollar store. Silly Christmas traditions for the win!
Oliver the Christmas Owl - our newest (and cutest) addition!
Candy cane pillowcases (because bedroom holiday decorations are scarce)
and a small Santa pillow cover just for fun. Have I mentioned that
I love making pillowcases?! So quick and fun!
Our little dining table all decked out! Tablecloth - Salvation Army $3.
Centerpiece vase - Walmart $3. Napkins - Pier1 via wedding gift card $0.
It may not be Lenox or Spode but I love it's antique charm!
Small glasses were found at Habitat Restore in NC, $3 for 6;
goblets were found at Salvation Army in PA, $2 for 4.
AND they totally match! We are so fancy!

Now back to baking and singing carols!

So, what's your favorite/silliest family holiday tradition? I'd love to know! 

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