imagination canvas

I’m loving this quote today and I must say that Thoreau was a pretty snazzy guy. Not literally…he was a pretty crunchy dude...all about some “nature!” (in the voice of Will Ferrell’s Robert Goulet)

Really though, I love this quote. I have always loved the idea of imagination bleeding into reality (Hogwarts and Narnia are my top dream honeymoon destinations). Kids are particularly great at seeing things this way, however, as most of children’s literature will tell us, adults seem to lose that sense of wonder, creativity.

Just imagine if you could paint the world, if you could pick up a paintbrush and just color things in. Or paint over things to make them better. Lost your keys? Draw some new ones. World hunger? Paint up some food. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that (unless, of course, you live in a clan led by a tough kid named RUF-I-OOOO).

remember this scene from Hook? so cool!

Thoreau only knows exactly what he meant, but I’d like to think he was sitting on a dock somewhere with his toes in the water, or dotting the last period at the end of a poem, or listening to live jazz in a downtown coffee shop with the man of his dreams…wait, that last one was me…oops. Nature, art, or love…in their own way they're kinda like splashes of imagination on a canvas. Maybe?


  1. Seriously. You have such amazing thoughts and such amazing taste. I completely agree wit hthe whole live jazz, downtown coffee shop, man of dreams thing. And I love Hook!
    Also, if you like Hogwarts and Narnia, you might like reading Diana Wynn Jones' books - she wrote Howl's Moving Castle, which is my favorite (and way different from the movie). She also wrote the Chrestomanci series. Anyway, I just thought I'd share :)


  2. thanks Scout (whom I definitely remember)! so excited that you're my first blog comment!! and I've read HMC, but I'll definitely check out Chrestomanci...never heard of it. also...check out the most recent addition to my blog lovin' page. :D i did some major blog-stalkin a month ago and love love love your blog as well.

    1. Aw! Thanks! And I'm on my way to check out that latest addition.


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